Zooplankton reactor



With ReefTek reactors, zooplankton farming will be easier and even more beautiful to look at.

  •  Ideal for autonomously breeding zooplankton crops to be dosed in the tank
  • 2 liter model dimensions: diameter 11cm (consider 3-4cm more for the tap) height 40cm
  • Equipped with a tap for the aerator (aerator not supplied)
  • The semi-unscrewable closure caps and quick couplings make maintenance operations quick and easy
  • The second straw allows connection with a dosing pump to automate the dosing of phytoplankton to feed the crops.
  • Available in basic color black or white, (cylinder always transparent)
  • Possibility to add colored details in transparent, red, blue, fluorescent green or fluorescent orange.

Potete trovare l’ossigenatore a questo link: Acquista ossigenatore a singola o doppia uscita su Amazon