Soda lime filter



With ReefTek soda lime filters you will increase the performance of your skimmer by decreasing the pH changes in the tank by adding an accessory that will increase the aesthetics of the sump compartment.

The soda lime removes the CO2 from the air entering the skimmer, in this way the oxygen concentration of the bubbles produced by the foam will be higher and the oxidizing power greater. This results in smaller and denser bubbles and more efficient skimming. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that so much CO2 is no longer blown into the tank which reacts to become carbonic acid, the pH also remains more stable, guaranteeing well-being for all the animals present in the tank.

  • Compact and elegant
  • Efficient system with results visible to the eye.
  • Soda lime is not supplied but you can find it at low cost on common e-commerce sites, if so you can contact me to be directed.
  • Support system for fixing to the glass of the sump on request for glass up to 15 mm
  • The filter must be connected to the air inlet of the skimmer, normally located before the silencer connected to the pipe that goes to the pump.
  • to refill it, simply unscrew the cap by half a turn and lift.
  • Dimensions: content 1kg of soda lime
  • Available in black or white (cylinder always transparent)
  • Possibility to add colored details in transparent, blue, red, fluorescent orange or fluorescent green.

Consiglio: se avete già effetti benefici utilizzando il filtro con mezzo kg di calce sodata potete anche evitare di caricarlo tutto in modo da consumare meno calce sod