Who we are

ReefTek is a project by Dr. Stefano Ruggeri and was born from the fusion of two of his great passions, the world of marine aquariums and that of rapid prototyping.

This project has a single but important goal, to respond to the needs of enthusiasts with functional products designed with high quality materials, but above all customizable and made to measure.

ReefTek will be at your side to help you solve a technical problem or to respond to a purely aesthetic need.

Different technologies are merged to make ReefTek products, such as Design, 3D printing, laser engraving / cutting, CNC milling as well as special scientific skills.

All the materials used are studied and chosen for use in the marine environment so as not to create problems of unwanted releases.  

We also carry out other types of  working on acrylic (PMMA), polycarbonate, forex and wood.

The goal for the future? To become a point of reference for all enthusiasts, creating a network of connoisseurs and professionals in the sector to provide a complete 360° service to the marine aquarium sector.

Dr. Stefano Ruggeri, graduate in Industrial Biotechnology with a PhD in materials chemistry, former researcher, author and co-author of several international publications in the sector of the development of materials for sensors used in chemical and electrochemical analyses.

A great lover of aquariums, he has applied his scientific skills to create products with innovative technologies also in the reef aquarium sector and beyond.